Why Personal Development Activities in Schools Matter

Most people think about academic development when they think about schools. That’s certainly true, as schools are bastions of academic learning. However, the best schools do more than that. They aren’t just focused on developing the academic strength of their students. They also encourage personal development.

While students are encouraged to do well in their core subjects, institutions like the Global Indian International School in Singapore also recognize the importance of nurturing social and emotional competence. To produce students who exhibit both healthy social as well as emotional skills through personal development activities as part of its mission and vision. Here’s why that matters.

Improves Social Interaction 

As kids grow up, they build skills and knowledge. Many of these skills become even more important when they become adults. One of them is social interaction skills. Through personal development activities, children are encouraged to improve their communication skills. They learn how to approach people, how to talk to them, how to engage them in conversation. Those are life skills or skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Learning them at such an early age, too, can prevent a lot of problems when they start navigating through personal and professional relationships.

Teaches Time Management

Many of the extracurricular programs that schools like GIIS offer allow kids to explore a variety of interests. But choosing one means setting aside time and energies for that activity on a regular basis. It’s a commitment. That teaches them about time management. Even when they find it challenging to juggle their core academics and their extracurricular activities, they must find workaround solutions. They learn to manage their time better. Even adults have a hard time with procrastination. By learning how to use their time wisely at such a young age, kids are able to grow up well equipped to make the most out of their schedule.

Allows Self-Knowledge

Personal development activities do a lot to help kids know themselves better. These activities do a lot to challenge them, to test their skills and knowledge. For instance, extracurricular activities such as sports, writing, or programs in the performing arts can teach them a lot about their limitations and what they can do to overcome those limitations. They’ll learn that they need more training and practice. All this matter because it lets the students discover for themselves what they are capable of. Unless they challenge themselves, unless they go out of their comfort zone and explore new things, unless they try to take that interest further to see where it takes them, then they will never know what they can do.

Builds Their Identity

A huge part of the process of growing up is finding out one’s self. Kids aren’t sure who they are yet, who they want to be or what they want to become in the future. Personality development programs, though, go a long way to help them answer those questions. What are their interests? By checking out a variety of programs, or by trying out some of them, they can figure out which programs make them happy. Which ones make them the most alive? Which ones interest them to the point that they can see themselves building a career in that field in the future? These programs do more than entertain or provide in-depth training to your kids. Rather, they also help your children form their identity.

Enriches Life 

Anyone who’s ever been passionate about something, anyone who’s had that one—or several—lifelong hobbies and interests know how they enrich one’s life. Just look back to the time when you first completed your stamp collection or when you finally had the last card for your dinosaur sticker kit. Or what about when you finally discovered you wanted to be a doctor or an architect? How happy were you when you found out you wanted to be a photographer or to run a business more than anything else in the world? Imagine the excitement and thrill. That’s close to what your child will feel when she finally finds an interest—one that can turn into a lifelong hobby, or even a potential career.


What if your child is already passionate about something? What if he loves to draw or she loves to write? What if your kids are a genius with science experiments or love coding? These extracurricular programs can help your kids develop the talents they need to excel at what they already love. There’s nothing like seeing your children gain experience and hone their skills in a field that they’re excited about. With the right programs, you can help your kids achieve their dreams for the kind of future they want.


High grades and scores help schools measure the extent of what a child has learned. But the best schools look beyond that to ensure that they produce well-rounded individuals who are as emotionally and socially intelligent because they understand how both of those qualities make one’s life more meaningful.

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