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Its fundamental purpose? The creation of videos with lip synchronization and gestures. Its distinctive feature? Considerable potential, even in the field of web marketing. It is no coincidence that many internet stars and prominent influencers nowadays prefer the use of TikTok to more established social networks, such as Instagram.

But let’s start in order. What is TikTok? How does it work? How can you best use it? By answering the above questions, we will try to present TikTok in the best possible way, so that you can learn about its main functions and try it out.

What is TikTok?

If you are one of those who use social networks for mere entertainment, then TikTok is right for you, given that it offers you the opportunity to create funny comedy sketches or to sing in lip-sync, that is, moving your mouth in sync with a scene from a film or with a piece of music.

Then, on August 2, 2018, ByteDance, in the role of developer, merged the and TikTok platforms, maintaining the latter name. The underlying intent revolved around increasing the number of members. The result of this strategy is that to date, the app, available in 34 languages, has more than 600 million users, also known as TikTokers.

What are the main functions of TikTok?

We have already talked about lip-sync videos, the inclusion of special effects is very fashionable, another of the most popular, particularly dear to many influencers, is certainly the change of clothes. But he’s not the only one. The ability to create musicals, make presentations, start unforgettable duets, and produce short films are some of the most interesting features of TikTok.

It should not be forgotten that along the same lines as what happens with Instagram, also in the case of TikTok, videos and photographs can be stored within the phone’s memory. Furthermore, you can use it to create a splendid story, but also to proceed with external sharing on other social networks.

How does TikTok work?

Before telling you in detail a whole series of useful information about this revolutionary social network, it is good for you to keep in mind something useful for registration purposes: everything that was available until 2018 on is present today on TikTok. This is why, if you had already completed registration on the first platform, before the merger with the second, you can use the same account to log in.

Therefore, regarding how TikTok works, the starting point is downloading and installing the app on your mobile device: you can find it on the Play Store or App Store for free. Once downloaded, you can install it on your Android terminal or your iDevice. At this point, all you have to do is open it: you will see the various videos playing that other TikTokkers have uploaded. If you want to share a video, creating a personal account is essential.

The next step is to complete the setup of the profile page, just like on Instagram. Therefore, we point out the round profile photo, the feed of uploaded videos, and the possibility of managing the settings from the menu on the right: between privacy, account management, help center, notifications, fans, number of followers and hearts, there is a lot to work in terms of customization.

What’s happening within the TikTok community is highlighted in your feed. Just as happens on YouTube and video-sharing portals, the videos are shown to you to your actual preferences and your real interests.

How do you use TikTok?

About how to use TikTok, it becomes of fundamental importance to know how to create videos with effects and how to upload them onto the platform.

The procedure is within everyone’s reach, given how intuitive it is: once you press the central “+” button, you must allow access to the camera and microphone, first clicking on the appropriate button and then on “OK”, confirming. The camera will open: you, as a user, will have to decide whether to use the classic recording mode or lean towards selfies, as happens on Instagram Stories.

By acting in this way, making a video, starting from scratch, directly with your smartphone’s camera will be an immediate action. On the platform, uploading the video or photo will be immediate. Furthermore, with the appropriate tools, making the necessary changes will be immediate. With a click on the icon, located at the bottom of the screen, to be precise on the right side near the red button, you will have fully achieved your aim. Additionally, TikTok allows you to view previews of your photo shoots.

The last thing to do, therefore, is to choose whether to opt for uploading one or more videos/photos. Multi-mode is convenient.

How to insert special effects with TikTok

Personalizing the movie with a whole series of special effects is quite simple on TikTok.

The insertion of a sound can be done by choosing one from the numerous playlists, strictly divided into categories (Viral, Popular, Global Hits, etc. are the most popular ones); alternatively, you can add the first-person soundtrack. As? By writing the title of the piece of music or the name of the artist directly into the internal search engine. Once the song in question has been shown, click on the flag sign and you will have made your video even more personalized. And after choosing the background music, you can choose the playback speed. Lip-sync or music will have a faster pace if you opt for the 2x or 3x keys. To record the video, simply click the red button, located in the center of the interface. we also provide the option to Buy Instagram Followers.

Let’s move on to inserting filters and special effects. By clicking on the icon marked by the presence of three colored circles, you will be able to choose the filter that you like best. The beauty effect, very popular among those who want to perceive all their potential from a simple photograph, can be activated (or disabled) with a click on the icon representing the magic wand.

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