WhatsApp Introduces “Message Yourself” Feature Globally

WhatsApp (Android, iOS) has started rolling out a new feature globally, allowing users to initiate conversations with themselves. Aptly named “Message Yourself,” this functionality serves as a convenient way to store information, videos, images, or audio for easy access. The global rollout is set to reach all users in the coming weeks.

Testing and Confirmation by WhatsApp

The feature, known as Message Yourself, underwent initial testing with a select group of users, as reported by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo in late October. TechCrunch confirmed that the feature is now being deployed globally to all users.

How to Use Message Yourself

To utilize this feature, users need to click on “Start a Conversation” and locate their own contact at the top of the WhatsApp contact list. Subsequently, users can simply select their own name to initiate a chat with themselves.

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Comparisons with Signal and Telegram

It’s worth noting that Signal (Android, iOS) already offers a similar tool named “Note to Self.” However, unlike WhatsApp, users are required to search for and select the “Note to Self” contact.

In the case of Telegram (Android, iOS), the equivalent functionality is called “Saved Messages.” Users can mark important messages, as well as save notes and reminders for future access. Saved messages appear at the top of the chat screen. However, Telegram users need to access this feature initially through the Saved Messages menu on Android or via the settings menu on iOS.

The Evolution of Self-Messaging

Explore the growing trend of self-messaging as WhatsApp joins the ranks of messaging platforms offering innovative features for personal organization and content storage. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the tech world.

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