What’s coming in the Windows 11 December Update? (KB5033375)

Windows 11 December Update

The December update (KB5033375) for Windows 11 brings important fixes. Build 22631.2792 brings changes from optional patch KB5032288, fixing a bug in File Explorer windows where they appear in the foreground out of nowhere, and resolving a bug that affects apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, where they just stop responding.

Windows 11 receives December update

In builds 22621.2861 and 22631.2861 of Windows 10, installed through update KB5033375, Microsoft brought 36 changes. The first update to be implemented in this patch is the option to set Windows Spotlight as the default background.

Copilot on Windows (preview version) can now be used on multiple monitors. To do this, simply press the taskbar button where you want Copilot to appear.

While still available to a small audience, using the Alt + Tab command with Copilot has been rolled out to some people. According to Microsoft, the feature should debut more widely in the coming months.

Also within Copilot’s new features is the possibility of asking Microsoft AI for help ten times using a local account. After that, you’ll need to sign in using a verified account, such as a Microsoft Account or an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account.

In total, update KB5033375 brings thirty-six changes. Among the changes made, the highlights of December’s Patch Tuesday include the following:

  • A bug that affected the Copilot app icon, where it did not appear when it was open, has been resolved.
  • Just like in Windows 10, IE mode had a bug fixed that caused it to freeze. This occurred when you pressed the left arrow when an empty text box was in focus and cursor navigation was enabled.
  • Dynamic Lighting has had its energy efficiency improved.
  • Slowness when moving the cursor during screenshot has been resolved.
  • Fixed the Widgets notification badge appearing in the wrong position on the taskbar.
  • An issue that prevented the File Explorer shortcut menu from opening when pressing Shift + F10 has been resolved.

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Manually download and install update KB5033375

You can download the KB5033375 update for Windows 11 manually here. After accessing the Microsoft Update catalog page, follow the steps below.

  1. When you access the Microsoft Update catalog, there will be several updates available. You should find the patch compatible with the KB5033375 update for the version of Windows 11 that is on your computer.
  2.  Select the “transfer” next to the version of Windows 11 you want to download.
  3. Right click on the link and select “save as” to start the download.


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