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Lucida Laminates vs Traditional Tiles: A Cost & Maintenance Comparison Guide

Both in the interior design and the construction industry, choosing the right flooring and wall cladding materials is of utmost importance. CenturyPly, a primary player in the market, features a whole body of designs for its customers. CenturyPly has introduced its new set of advanced laminates, called Lucida laminate, which is far better than any traditional tile.

In this article, we shall provide a detailed comparison between Lucida laminates and Traditional tiles.

1. Cost Analysis:

The up-front purchase price and future overall costs for both Lucida Laminate and Traditional tiles vary substantially.

As far as upfront costs go, Lucida Laminates may be the most pertinent advantage that could be considered. Synthetic materials are cheap. Hence, laminates dominate the budgeted category in the case of traditional tiles. CenturyPly, with a reputation for quality and affordability, concentrates on ensuring that its Lucida Laminates collection is striking a balance by offering this line of products with cost-effectiveness and aesthetics simultaneously.

The cost of an authentic Traditional Tiles installation is very high, considering the materials and installation fees. CenturyPly’s Lucida laminates are a much cheaper option than the traditional style. People must understand that using laminates not only decreases the cost but also lasts longer, as Lucida laminates are very long-lasting.

2. Maintenance Considerations:

Maintenance plays a very important role in determining long-term suitability. CenturyPly is conscious of offering solutions to clients that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also save them from the trouble of maintenance.

Lucida laminates have excellent properties that ensure their lifelong resistance against stains, scratches, and moisture. This makes them easy to maintain. Any homeowner will appreciate the easiest cleaning approach, which is to wipe off the laminate surface with a wettish cloth. As an added benefit, the smooth surface texture of these surfaces doesn’t like dirt and dust so well, and you don’t have to clean them as much.

Traditional tiles, in some instances, have the opposite result; these tiles tend to require more care and maintenance. Tile joints between tiles are sensitive to soiling and colour fade due to their long exposure to dirt over time, and you ought to regrout these joints at regular intervals. CenturyPly caters to customers facing this problem by replacing them with laminates that last long with low maintenance.

To conclude, when choosing between the mentioned items, Lucida Laminates is the winner. CenturyPly is an industry leader in the production of high-quality and innovative products, catering to such a diverse set of customers. Their laminates come in different price ranges and are designed to suit the specific tastes and preferences of their clients.

For consumers with principal concerns of keeping the bills low without discounting the aesthetics of their homes, Lucida Laminates becomes their dynamic and ideal choice, offering a cost-effective solution with very little routine maintenance. People seeking traditional tiles can go for it, but it is of no use to them as Lucida Laminate for kitchen comes in different styles with low maintenance features. They are an industry-leading product with advanced features and zero maintenance.

The Bottom Line

As a final note, CenturyPly is committed to providing its customers with the necessary information as well as options to enable them to make cost-effective and informed choices that suit their unique preferences. Whatever the choice is between Lucida Laminates or Traditional Tiles, CenturyPly secures the quality. Thus, one must go for Lucida Laminates, along with satisfaction; as a result, the visual essence of the space carries out the perfect balance of style and functionality.

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